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Our Philosophy

Why choose Smiling Star Speech & Language when there are so many providers to choose from? Finding the right therapist for your family is the first important step in this process. Your child’s success in therapy depends on a number of factors.

Find the right therapist

Look for a therapist who has specific experience working with the challenges your child is experiencing. Many Speech-Language Pathologists enjoy specializing in certain disorders and have more “tricks of the trade” so to speak working with those disorders. You may also want to see which therapists are in-network with your health insurance.

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Good Chemistry

Finding a speech therapist who has the right chemistry with your child and your family will maximize your child’s progress during treatment. The right Speech-Language Pathologist for you will be able to build a positive, fun and trusting relationship between herself and your child so that your child actually wants to and is motivated to communicate with her. Find out if Smiling Star Speech & Language fits your family by scheduling a consultation.

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Parent Education

No matter how frequently your child receives therapy, the reality is, an hour or two of clinical time per week is no substitute for a consistent home program. Just as a physical therapist shows you how to do an exercise to strengthen a particular area of your body, the real work and progress happens when you practice it at home every day. The same goes for speech and language therapy. Once your child is successful with a skill taught during therapy, your therapist will give you ideas and activities to reinforce and solidify these skills at home.

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What people say about us

Our whole experience with Micaela and our therapist Julie has been nothing but positive. My daughter looks forward to her therapy and I'm very excited to see the program working for her. Highly recommend!



Amazing! Mrs. Fisher went completely out of her way to make sure my son was comfortable, handled him with ease, and then spoke to me about his speech. She is confident and well-versed in speech therapy. I give her RAVE reviews!!



Micaela was amazing!! My son did not speak until he was 3 years old. That's All thanks to Micaela!!!! The only problem I have now is that he won't stop talking!!! Love Smiling Star!!!



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